Are You in a Tough Season of Parenting? 

If not, you will be at some point! The challenge for parents is how to raise children who are champions despite those Tough Seasons.

I've got a plan for parents who want to raise champions--kids who are confident and strong, who can think and fight for themselves, who make good life choices, kids who will make you proud!

Raising Champions: a 5-week Program that will give you a blueprint for Raising Children Who are Strong, Compassionate, Trustworthy and Full of Integrity.

Do you ever get discouraged because your children are not making good choices?

Do you ever worry that they will not be strong enough to stand up for themselves?

Or maybe you are in a TOUGH SEASON of parenting because...

The kids are driving you crazy with their fighting They are not responding to discipline or are disrespecting you. They are not trying hard in school or sports.

Maybe they are fighting health issues.

Or perhaps your marriage is going through a TOUGH SEASON or financial hardships are hurting your family.

The list of “tough seasons” can go on and on…

This 5-week coaching program is to help parents feel confident they are raising strong, confident kids even when they are in a tough parenting season.

Dear Parent...

Ever since you took your first look at that little baby, you knew in your heart that you wanted to do your very best to raise a human being that you are proud of.

And then life happened. Kids challenge you and disrespect you. They get sick, become unmotivated in school or sports. Your marriage struggles, or financial problems weigh you down.

These are TOUGH SEASONS for parents because even as life happens, you still want to do your best to raise a confident, strong, and trustworthy child.

Sometimes in those TOUGH SEASONS, you may feel like you are groping in the dark hallway of parenting, second-guessing yourself over and over, and experimenting with any parenting strategy that looks good. 

The fact of the matter is that the journey between your child as a newborn and your child as an independent young adult is a long one, full of TOUGH SEASONS.

Along the way there will be days when your gas tank is empty and you have no clue whatsoever on how to take the next parenting step. 

Yet, your deepest desire is to raise your kids to be strong enough to make good choices, to stand up for what's right, to stand up for themselves, and to have compassion for others.  

Do you want to:  

  • Raise kids who are strong enough to face life's difficulties?
  • Raise kids who are compassionate?
  • Raise kids who are trustworthy?
  • Raise kids who are full of integrity?
  • Raise kids who you actually enjoy being around when they are adults?

If you would like something to guide you, a flight plan, or as I like to say, some handles to grab onto during the TOUGH SEASONS of parenting as you raise your kids, then I've got a 5-week coaching program that will set the course for the rest of your parenting journey. 

Are you ready to RAISE A CHAMPION?

Before I started working with Janis, my mind felt like several yarn strings mangled together. I didn’t know where one string started or ended and how to untie them. Having worked with her for a few months, she helped me create my own tools to unravel things little by little. During the process, I realized that I need to have less strings to have balance in my life by creating boundaries and margins for myself. I feel that I now have the tools to use to work on myself. Valerie Garcia, sports mom.  

My experience prior to meeting with Janis was only with counselors. What I found with Janis is her wise questions opened up a whole new understanding of guidance and direction for me. After each session, I walked away with more insight, understanding and a clear direction that I wanted to take. Working with her gave me clarity, guidance, wisdom and insight. Sandi Kistner, mom and sports grandmother  

Take a deep breath, Parent!  

You don't need to parent through the TOUGH SEASONS alone.

Instead, you can be intentional, strategic and confident that you are parenting in such a way that your child will grow up to be a champion in life.

I’m Janis Meredith and I’m here to help you raise a champion!

As a mom for 31 years, I understand the challenges you face in parenting. I had three busy kids who played sports through college, challenged our parenting over and over and who still managed to become champions in life.

Throughout my years of being a mom, there were TOUGH SEASONS when I seriously doubted my decisions and wondered if my kids were going to grow up to hate me. I learned some very important parenting guidelines the hard way.

And I'd like to share those guidelines with you to help you keep focused on positive and effective parenting even though you may be having a tough season.

What Can You Expect from the 5-week Raising Champions program?

In this 5-week coaching program, you’ll learn 5 key strategies to raising a champion and how to apply them to your life and your family.

My clients work with me because of my dedication. They know I’ve experienced their journey and have garnered much wisdom that they can learn from.  

Reserve your free Coaching Call now. I’m limiting this program to 10 parents so that I can be sure I have the time to help every parent.  


.....Is no ordinary coaching program. It’s a blueprint to help you parent your children into champions.

  • You’ll learn the imporance of giving your child a foundation for decision-making in their future.
  • You'll how to nurture healthy family communication.
  • You'll learn the secret to raising a child who does things for themself.
  • You'll learn how to raise kids who are compassionate.
  • You'll learn how to focus on being the parent your child truly needs.

During RAISING CHAMPIONS, I’ll share the tools, techniques and mindset practices I’ve been using for years. They’ve helped me deal with the challenges of being a parent. I will help you figure out how to apply those tools to your family situation.  

My promise to you:  

In 5 weeks, you’ll get more than great tools, I want to help you have a mindset transformation in how you parent. 

You’ll end the 5 weeks knowing what you need to do in order to to raise a child who is a champion in life!  

Where do You Start?

Book a free Coaching Call and learn how to start raising a champion.

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