Less Stress, More Fun is for busy sports moms who feel stretched too thin with all the demands of managing a family, work, and their children's youth sports experience. 

If you feel like every moment is hijacked by youth sports demands and the dramam and demands of raising a young athlete are wearing you down… 

If you feel sometimes feel guilty because you are so caught up in the rat race of youth sports that you don't have time to parent the way your heart wants to...

Then Less Stress, More Fun is for you.  

Dear Sports Mom....

Your life is hectic and exhausting. You're not only taxi driver, working mom, volunteer, and house manager, you are also your child's counselor, phychologist, and cheerleader.

I know that you want to be the best mom you can be!

You want to nurture and care for your kids physically and emotionally. You want them to have every opportunity to succeed and reach their potential in youth sports and life.  

But there are days when your gas tank is empty and you’re not sure if you’re doing a good job of parenting your little athletes.  

You feel guilty for not feeding your kids healthier, you are frustrated because you are not as organized as you'd like, you are worn out trying to be everywhere and do everything, and NOT miss any of your kids' activities.

And tossed in there with all those demands is your desire to help your young athlete be the best they can be. You want to help them maneuver the maze of youth sports, be successful, make friends, enjoy the experience and grow stronger because of it. 

That is seriously a lot to weigh on you!

You want to:  

  • Manage your time--work, family, kids--more efficiently.
  • Forgive yourself when you can't get it all done perfectly.
  • Help your child succeed without getting drowned in the rat race that is today's youth sports. 
  • Be good at setting boundaries for yourself and create time to do what YOU want. 
  • Know the best way to support your child’s dreams and goals.
  • Understand the balance between supporting and smothering your child.
  • Dispense with guilt that tells you to spend a ton of money on your athlete or they will not succeed.
  • Learn how to let go. 
  • Stop doubting yourself as a mom.

And Most of all:  

You want to not go through every sports season just trying to get through it. You really want to be free to enjoy the journey and raise a champion in the process!

The problem is: 

Your youth sports journey has been exhausting, leaving little time for concentrate on YOU. And the honest truth is that if you want your child to succeed, you MUST invest in yourself. Those two are actually tied very closely together. 

If you feel too stressed too often and are struggling to enjoy what should be the best years of your parenting journey, it’s time to change.  

Are you ready to eliminate all these stresses and have more fun as a sports mom? 

Before I started working with Janis, my mind felt like several yarn strings mangled together. I didn’t know where one string started or ended and how to untie them. Having worked with her for a few months, she helped me create my own tools to unravel things little by little. During the process, I realized that I need to have less strings to have balance in my life by creating boundaries and margins for myself. I feel that I now have the tools to use to work on myself. Valerie Garcia, sports mom.  

My experience prior to meeting with Janis was only with counselors. What I found with Janis is her wise questions opened up a whole new understanding of guidance and direction for me. After each session, I walked away with more insight, understanding and a clear direction that I wanted to take. Working with her gave me clarity, guidance, wisdom and insight. Sandi Kistner, mom and sports grandmother  

Take a deep breath, Mom!  

You don’t have to let stress weigh you down as you juggle all the things you must do.

You CAN focus on yourself and focus on your child at the same time! 


I’m Janis Meredith and I’m here to help you reduce stress, have fun, raise a champion--all at the same time!

As a coach’s wife for 29 years and a sports mom for 22, I understand the youth sports journey. I see life from both sides of the bench. I had three kids in sports from age 4 through college. Believe me. I know how crazy the seasons can get! I know what you’re going through.  

Throughout my years of being a sports mom, there were many days when sports seemed to suffocate the rest of my life. I had little time to properly manage my home and work, much less have time for myself.  

For the past seven years, I’ve been teaching parents how to handle the challenges of raising athletes. 

Now I want to help YOU provide a positive and growing youth sports experience for YOUR kids. 

My vision is to show you how to become the sort of sports mom that will raise a champion naturally. 

The truth is, 

When I started as a sports mom over 25 years ago, I didn’t know how to sanely manage all the demands.  

Yes, I fed and clothed my kids and went to their games. I took good care of them.

Yes, I managed to handle all the conflicts and frustrations of youth sports, but I have to be honest and say that I didn't always do it right.

I actually got sucked into believing that it was all about my kids' coach or team, or that my child's success depended on how many camps or clinics they attended. 

The whole time I was missing the real truth, that how I handled things had a lot more to do with my child's success than who their coach was or what elite team they played on.

I wish I could say I came up with the answers right away. But it’s taken me years to figure out what I wish I’d known when I started my sports parenting journey over 25 years ago.  


  • Yes, I understand better how to manage a busy schedule and how and what to say NO to, but more than that, I've learned that if I'm going to raise a champion, I have to understand myself and work on who I am. I cannot help my kids succeed if I'm failing at being me. 
  • I’ve figured out how to prioritize my schedule and learned how and what to say no to.  
  • I learned how to really motivate my kids to give them the best chance for success. 
  • I figured out how to best understand my children’s dreams and help them achieve their goals.  
  • I learned the importance of taking care of myself so that I can take better care of my children.  

Now, I want to help you achieve the same success. Why? 

Because I believe strongly that your child’s involvement in youth sports will not only shape them for life, it will help YOU grow as a person. Because I want to see you become a happy and positive sports mom who isn’t so weighed down by life’s demands that she can’t enjoy her child’s journey.  

As you help your child achieve success in youth sports and life, your dreams will come true, too.  

You see, my three kids are grown now, ages 24, 27 and 30. They’re strong, compassionate, driven adults and I couldn’t be prouder of them. I honestly believe their involvement in youth sports had a huge impact on their lives. Seeing them achieve success--in sports and life--has made my dreams come true as a parent.  

I want you to experience your dream to:  

  • Watch your kids learn, grow and achieve success;
  • Enjoy the journey and cherish each season; 
  • Feel that you and your kids are making the most of the present, not just letting time slip through your hands.  

Most sports moms begin the life sports journey imagining it will be a breeze.  

After all, what’s so hard about standing on the sidelines and watching your kid kick a soccer ball?  

But they soon learn about the demands that are part of youth sports. Before they know it, they’re struggling to keep their head above water.  

Many of those moms will be held back from this coaching program by their own mindset with thoughts like:  

I’m too busy to invest in myself with this!  

I shouldn’t be spending money on myself when youth sports are so expensive.  

I’m not confident that things can really change.  

But that’s not YOU. You’re not going to settle with just surviving the daily stress.  

You know what you want for yourself and your kids. You won’t just let life happen. 

You’ll set yourself on a course that will make you a happier and less stressed mom. As a result, your kids will have a fun and valuable youth sports experience.  

I want to help you achieve that, so I’ve put together 

Less Stress, More Fun, 

a 1-on-1 coaching program to help you achieve your goals.  

What Can You Expect from Less Stress, More Fun?

In this 8-week coaching program, you’ll get a handle on your life. You’ll learn to better manage your time, energy and emotions. I’ll give you the tools to help you face whatever challenges youth sports brings.  

My clients work with me because of my dedication. They know I’ve experienced their journey and have garnered much wisdom that they can learn from.  

Your Most Important Takeaways Will be:

CONFIDENCE IN WHO YOU ARE. You'll understand yourself better, know how to help yourself so that you can better help your child.

TIME MANAGEMENT. You'll know how to manage your time. I will work with you on a foolproof plan to prioritize your schedule. Then you’ll learn how to communicate effectively with your family to avoid conflicts.  

SET BOUNDARIES AND HAVE MORE TIME FOR YOURSELF. You’ll know when to say no and ACTUALLY HAVE TIME FOR YOURSELF to do things that you want to--not have to--do.  

SUCCESS FOR YOUR ATHLETE. You’ll know your children’s goals and the best way to help them achieve them. You’ll learn how to help your children deal with their frustrations and roadblocks to their success. I will share with you keys to dealing with coaching conflicts and sports politics.  

MOM GUILT. You’ll learn how to squash your feelings of inadequacy in parenting and identify ways you can become a better mom.  

You’ll take away much more from this 8-week coaching program because I have a lot in store for you!  

In 12 short weeks with me you’ll get:  

  • One-on-one weekly 50-minute coaching session  
  • A private and exclusive Facebook Group where you can connect with other sports moms in the coaching program and can post questions for me. The group is also a good place for networking and accountability opportunities.  
  • Full email access to me for 8 weeks. Submit your questions to me for personal help.  

And there's more, you'll also receive these amazing bonuses:

Bonus #1: 10 free copies of my book, 11 Habits for Happy and Positive Sports Parents, to give to the parents on your child’s team (Valued at $100)  

Bonus #1: My 9-module parenting video course Parenting Your Child through a Positive Youth Sports Experience (Valued at $300)  

What happens after you Register?

When you register for the Less Stress, More Fun 8-week coaching program, you’ll receive a confirmation. Details about scheduling your sessions, payment options and how you can prepare for the first session will be sent separately.  


Reserve your free Discovery Call now. I’m limiting this program to 10 moms.  

Less Stress, More Fun..... 

.....Is no ordinary coaching program. It’s a transformational journey to help you become the mom who knows how to raise a champion. 

  • You’ll learn to establish your own core values and use them as filters for managing your time. You’ll gain insights on how to better plan and schedule, so you’ll have time to invest in yourself.  
  • You’ll leave with practical tools for becoming a sports mom who can relax and enjoy the journey, instead of one that continually stresses over every little upset.  
  • During Less Stress, More Fun, I’ll share the tools, techniques and mindset practices I’ve been using for years. They’ve helped me deal with the challenges of being a sports mom.  

There are plenty of parenting courses and seminars that will tell you how to be a better parent. 

None of them will directly address the stresses and challenges you face as a busy sports mom. 

Parenting is challenging enough. When you add to that kids who play youth sports, you get a whole new level of parental complexity.  

When you embark on the Less Stress, More Fun journey, you’ll connect with yourself; who you want to be as a mom and person; and what you want to accomplish as a parent of a young athlete.  

Once you understand that, you can help your child have a positive and growing youth sports experience. You’ll also have some semblance of control over what can be a crazy, hectic lifestyle.  

No matter how much you doubt your parenting skills (and you will).  

No matter how often you screw up as a mom (We all do!)  

Even when you question yourself all the time and wonder if you’re doing this sports mom thing right.  

When you step out and act, you’ll finally feel like you’re taking control of your mom life.  

Your kids will have fun playing sports and you’ll see them reach their potential.  

Your schedule will be ruled by YOU, not vice versa.  

You’ll have time to invest in yourself.  

You’ll not only serve your family better, you’ll serve your team, league and community better, too.  


My promise to you:  

In 8 weeks, you’ll get more than great tools. You’ll experience a mindset transformation in how you parent your athlete. You’ll also develop a new awareness of how to be a sports mom who not only helps her child succeed, she also helps others around her have a more positive outlook.  

You’ll end the 8 weeks knowing you can have less stress and more fun as your kids play youth sports!  

Less Stress, More Fun is for you if you:  

Are over feeling overwhelmed by your schedule and ready to make the changes that will help you take control again. 

Are ready to help your child enjoy sports and grow from the experience. 

Are tired of getting sucked into the negativity and drama that can infect youth sports.  

Understand the busy-ness of your life doesn’t have to hold you back from being the type of mom you want to be.  

Want to understand how your values and strengths can help you take control of your schedule.  

Realize by investing in yourself, you’re investing in your children.  

You may not be ready for Less Stress, More Fun if you:  

Are lazy. My dear mom, for this coaching to work, you must be willing to pour your heart into it. I can’t do the work for you.  

Can’t admit you’re doing things wrong. We all mess up but you’re eager to blame others and can’t accept you’re part of the problem.  

Aren’t coachable. If you’re not willing to learn and grow from this experience, you’ll be wasting your money.  

Have become too comfortable doing things the way you’re doing them and don’t want to step out of your comfort zone to learn and grow as a person.  

You can keep trying to do this alone and…  

Constantly feel like you’re not doing enough  

Continue to be stressed  

Miss out on the fun you should be having as a sports mom  

Deal with regrets that you should have done things differently.  


You can put an end to the struggling and join my coaching program. 

I’ll help you become the mom who knows how to handle the stress of sports parenting and who raises kids who are learning valuable and lifelong lessons from their youth sports experience.  

Do you have questions? I’ve got answers for you!  

How will we meet for the weekly sessions? There are a few ways. We can meet by phone, Skype an online meeting service called Zoom. Whatever is most convenient for you.  

My kids are just starting in youth sports. Is this still for me? Yes! In fact, this is the perfect time for you to enroll. The sooner you have the tools to help you navigate the youth sports journey, the better.  

My kids are almost done with playing sports. Will this still benefit me? It’s never too late to learn and grow. If you’re willing to be coached, are looking for a transformation in how you run your household, manage your time and parent your athlete, then this program can help, no matter how old the athletes.  

What can I expect from the program? This is a unique program because it is tailored to fit YOU. I combine coaching, training, my experiences and resources to help your youth sports experience be less stressful and more enjoyable.  

Is there a payment plan? When you order, you’ll see the payment options listed.  

I have more questions! If you have more questions, please email me at sportsparents@jbmthinks.com.  

If you need help or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! Contact me a sportsparents@jbmthinks.com.  

Where do You Start?

Book a free Discovery Call and learn the steps to a less stress, more fun life!

Don’t wait to book your Discovery Call. Spots are limited. So, click on the link now to take the first step toward a happier and less stressed youth sports life!  

Learn more about my sports parenting advice from my Sports Parenting Facebook Page or from my private Positive Sports Parenting Group. Once you start the program, you'll be added to the Less Stress, More Fun private group.  

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